June 1 - Child's Day!

17/06/2014 Maxcom

"BIG AIR BAG PARTY FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS"Big Air Bag event, held in the park situated behind City Mall Centеr of the capital, was one of the largest events on the occasion of the Child’s Day.

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National Competition for bicycle racks in urban environment

14/05/2014 Maxcom

We thank all 72 participants, who sent us suggestions for design of bicycle racks. Each project is itself unique and impressing.

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The storks have returned!


And yet for a fourth year, we have our friends – the pair of storks, returning to the specially erected nest in front of MAXEUROPE. The migrating birds have returned to their birth places not only here at MAXEUROPE, but at many other locations across the country. They are now preparing for the future offspring.

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“I help a colleague” – a charity campaign from a colleague to a colleague!


Max Europe decided to continue with the good practice of “I help…” campaign, but this time it is addressed to colleagues. The purpose of the campaign was to bring to life things that are not used by one, but will be useful for another colleague and at the same to collect money for somebody else, who is in need.

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Philanthropy in Plovdiv – with facts and stories


Bulgarian Donors Forum and American Foundation for Bulgaria supported by National Alliance for Volunteers organized a discussion in Plovdiv. The topic was: “What we do and do not know about philanthropy in Plovdiv today.” The discussion was held on 11 March in the Regional Historic Museum in Plovdiv and gathered companies and foundations that donate, non-profit organizations, individual donors, representatives of Municipality Plovdiv and media.

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